Alright, just let me embellish on the fact that President-Elect Barack Obama won the election tonight. I’m very excited, because the world is in need for a change. President Bush alienated practically the entire world, and McCain/Palin would have just made it worse for us. We are no longer the MOST powerful country in the world, and Obama is the right person to help bring us back to the forefront.

Alright, and back on course. I’ve been working on my site itself, and a site for a realty company that I’ve been developing off and on for the majority of the year. I’ve been utilizing some new AJAX tools and techniques, and I think I’ve fallen in love with AJAX. Now to soon explore Ruby on Rails and some new implementation ideas of PHP. I’m brimming with ideas since the failure of my work on ArtistOneAnalytics. I am hoping that he doesn’t utilize some of my website ideas that I’ve been stewing over for the last year or so. If he does, I feel it may be a breach of the NDA agreement we signed on. My ideas are my OWN, and not his.

Also, something that has been on my mind about today’s financial crunch we’ve been on: What would happen if the plan from Fight Club actually was implemented? Would they have redundancy set up well enough that it wouldn’t do a thing, or could something actually be planned out to the “T” that would utilize the destruction of the credit market? It’s an interesting concept that Chuck Palahniuk explored.

EDIT:  For those who are curious why I like Obama, I’ll try to post an elongated write-up about it.  There’s a lot to say about him.