Big changes are finally coming! After a little hangup (see: soon to be laid off) due to a new policy at work, I’ve got a huge opportunity that I cannot pass up.

Last week, I had an interview and assessment test in Lexington. Found out that I need to get a certification and than I’ll be able to really get a good job. That was just Tuesday. On Wednesday after returning to work, I hear of this new policy at work. The policy essentially says that after 1000 work hours, I cannot work here for six months. That is fine by me. On Thursday, I realized that this is an opportunity because my lease is up next month. The final piece to jell all of this together is that my best friend asked me when or if I would ever be moving to Lexington. That time is NOW!

So, I am very excited. I can have better job opportunities, live closer to my best friend, and, when she gets back to the states, be with the woman that I hve been dreaming about so much! Could anything else make it better?!

Anyway, thats all the news for now. Ciao.