I never really realized just how vain my family is. My brother is mad at me for no reason. Need I mention the fact that I should be the one pissed off. He still owes me money which I had readily forgiven, he’s dating/engaged to my ex. He has a child with my ex. So who should be the one pissed off? Me!

My mother is happily content with the world and all my family’s misdeeds and hatefullness. She even contends with my youngest brother’s verbal abuse toward her.

Nanu, she just bitches about anything she possibly can. One of my aunts gets depressed and aggravated over the pettiest shit. The other one… I love her, but I’m just not going to mention it.

This entire family is a cackle of lunatics who should just learn to let things go. Thanks to them, I am vengeful, pessimistic, overtly abused and all around becoming cold-hearted. Thanks family. I’ll be the worst of them before long.

I fucking hate holidays.