Alas, probably my least favorite day of the year is upon me. Valentine’s Day has been a day that I have despised probably ALL of my life. But sometimes, I think it’s necessary to look at it in a different light. Valentine’s Day is also a very important anniversary for me.

Two years ago, if it weren’t for the gift I received on Valentine’s Day, I might not have been here today. She has been a blessing, without a doubt. Of course, I have my angry moments with her because she just won’t listen to me. I’ve never known someone to be so demanding, and controlling either. Typically, I do as I’m asked (aka. TOLD). I give her an insane amount of attention compared to other facets of my life. She is currently my closest step to happiness I’ve had in a long time.

She is my wonderful, darling, beautiful cat. She is PIXIE!