Things have gotten more and more interesting around here as of lately. Word has spread that the Westboro Baptist Church will be in Owensboro this weekend, to picket Blessed Mother Catholic Church because of the poor soul who shot himself in front of the church several weeks ago. Such a sad story, and these sick people want to come and stand on their proverbial high-horse, and condemn others. These people would be better relegated to the back of our consciousness and thoughts. They do not deserve our full attention, or any attention, whatsoever.

Naturally, a few people took a short message I wrote about “gathering” a group for a counter-protest, wrongly. The entire message was meant to instigate thought and to instill value in the fact that ignorance is bliss. I was being quite sarcastic about it, and people obviously do not fully understand some sarcasm. I know a few people mistook it, mostly because they aren’t fully familiar with my sarcasm. It’s okay, though. I won’t hold it against them. I have no plans to counter-protest. It would be a complete waste of my time, and effort. You can’t reason with insane people.

In the wake of the WBC shenanigans that will be happening this weekend, I have been bombarded by texts and Facebook Statuses and Tweets regarding something that is 100% untrue. These people notified me that, supposedly, an American soldier was refused service at a gas station here in Owensboro. What these people failed to realize is that there is no facts to back up this purported refusal. It is simply not true. People need to quit taking people’s word at face value, and learn to do their research and find out for SURE. However, it’s sad that so many people are a lamb, being led to slaughter. It really shows just how gullible, or ignorant, people around here are.

After the rumors started going around, I noticed an incredible amount of racism being demonstrated against those of Arabic/Middle-Eastern descent. That is just purely sickening to me. These people went as far as calling them ‘sand n—ers’ and continually put them down. Is this how we really TREAT people around here, if they are different? It is shameful, sickening, and immoral. What happened to ‘morality’ when it comes to tolerance of those whom are different? Did it suddenly disappear off the face of the earth around here, or did their CHRISTIAN GOD make them better than Arabs/Muslims/etc? I’m sorry, but no, their god didn’t. People need to grow up, get over themselves, and learn to love others REGARDLESS. THEN they can truly say they are a follower of Christ. Until then, they need to get off their ‘The Power of Christ COMPELS YOU’ spiel.