In just a little over a month, I’ll be going to Chicago with one of my best friends. I absolutely cannot wait. This time, my trip to Chicago will include true friends, great music, and amazing memories.

My first trip to Chicago involved me, my wonderful friend Katie (who I need to bug more often), several acquaintances, and a former friend. Of course, during this time, I was unemployed and incredibly bored with my life. Enter my former friend: he had a spare ticket that he didn’t want wasted, and offered it to me. The artists in the concert were Dave Matthews Band, and Willie Nelson. My ears perked up when he mentioned Willie Nelson. I could care less for DMB, because although they are great live, I consider them to be rather overproduced and boring, musically.

However, the trip was fun. Went to a concert, which was presented to me as being a free ticket for me, because I was absolutely broke and unemployed. Enjoyed the show, so on and so forth. Within the next month, I finally got a job. Not a week after I was hired on, he started prodding me, wanting me to pay him for the ticket that was, in what was presented to me, as a free ticket. But, of course, I went ahead and recouped his costs, because that’s just how I roll. Should have seen it coming though, because months later, he proved he wasn’t a true friend. Anyway, enough of that story, and lets get back on the Chicago thought.

I absolutely LOVE that city. There’s something absolutely mystifying about Chicago. Is it the atmosphere? The people? The architecture? I don’t know, but I absolutely adore it all. This time around, I’ll be going to see one of my absolute favorite bands. It’s the first time in over a decade that they have toured in the US. The last time they toured, they actually got banned from playing many places IN the US. Also, they are German.

Yes, I’m going to see RAMMSTEIN



I’ve been wanting to see them for years, but they hadn’t played in the US in well over a decade. Finally, they are touring here, and I cannot wait. This trip to Chicago is going to be absolutely amazing. My best friend of almost 10 years, one of his best friends, and I are going to see Rammstein, and just have a blast. I couldn’t ask for much more.