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Crazy Little Thing Called Life

It’s been several months (ie, almost a year) since I had last posted on my website. In the meantime, incredible things have happened to me. The question is: Where should I start?

Late last year, as I was heading down a dark, loathing and bitter road, an old friend and I had rekindled our friendship. Not that it ever died, but she got married and we kept our distance. While we were reconnecting, she had ever-so-subtly nudged me in a direction that I needed to go. Instead of letting my heart continue to harden and freeze, she had ever-so-slightly reintroduced me to God, Christ and the Church. I started listening to her church’s podcasts, of my own volition and following whatever I could. Yes, it was an extremely drastic change in the direction I had been heading. For lack of a more succinct way of putting it, I finally saw the light.

Throughout our conversations, she would ask me some rather pointed questions, and I would answer truthfully and from the heart. Yes, to say the least, I realized that I still have feelings for her. Granted, it took a very, very long time for me to initially realize how I felt about her years ago, my feelings had still lingered on for her. Although she may not believe it, it’s certainly true. INCREDIBLY true.

After all the talk, I (or was it we? :-P) decided to pursue a relationship with her. While making this choice, I had to weigh many things in my mind. In particular, should I try to have her move to Owensboro, or should I move to Colorado Springs? After another long, fruitful, and helpful conversation with her, she had decided that she is NOT going to move for me, for many particular reasons that I agree with. After sitting and thinking for a long while (far longer than I like to admit), I had realized that there is nothing in Owensboro for me. Between family in-fighting, a derelict group of friends (aside from those that have stayed close to me, you guys know who you are), a job that just couldn’t pay my bills, and a dating scene that consisted of crazy women or gold diggers or both, I had finally decided that it’s time for me to move somewhere else. Colorado Springs it is!

In March, we had made it official, more or less. Yes, we are an item. A couple. We are dating. Suffice to say, I love this woman more than I could have ever imagined, and it’s not going to change. I have harbored my feelings for her for years, and even then, there were a few years that I wasn’t even aware of how I felt. Yes, this silly, raucous, strange man was oblivious to a woman who had been quite blatant (toward me) with her flirting and feelings. However, I am incredibly thankful that God didn’t put us together back then, because neither of us would appreciate the other like we do today.

Moving forward from March, I really started searching for a job in Colorado. Nibbles here, bits of opportunity there. Nothing seemed to come together, and I kept getting discouraged as the months went by. Despite this, and while trying to sell of things (including my house!), I started saving money for the move. It also would serve to point out that I was also wanting to take a vacation to visit her, but I was wary of spending the money and using the vacation time. Also despite this, my Aunt gave me the cash for a round-trip ticket (unexpectedly, mind you), and I flew out to spend a week with her on July 1st.

What an incredible, yet whirlwind of a week! Not only did I get to spend time with the woman I love, but I got to meet her parents all within the same trip (ps. they live in Vegas!). Spending time with her, and her parents, was not only enjoyable, but educational on many levels for myself and them. They got to meet me, learn who I am, and how I am, and I got to learn more about them. It was an excellent, informative, and enjoyable experience.

After returning to Kentucky from my vacation, I started hitting the job search harder than ever. The visit did nothing but light a fire under my tail. Not only does the woman I love live in Colorado Springs, but I felt at home immediately. I had never felt at home where I’ve been, all my life. Yes, even my “hometown”, I had never felt comfortable and at home. You could say I had become rather content (not happy) with where I was. Resigning myself to be ‘content’ with where I am is something I never should have done.

A week after returning, I had applied for a position at Focus on the Family. The next week, I had been contacted by a recruiter at Focus. After speaking for around fifteen minutes and being told that they were interested in speaking further with me about some positions that they will have open, we eventually scheduled an interview that happened to be on my birthday! Not only was the interview on my birthday, but it had been one of the few interviews where I came out of it feeling quite confident about it. A couple of weeks later (ie. a week and a half), I was given a second, TEAM interview via Skype. Once again, I had come out of an interview feeling very confident. Two days later, I had been offered the job!

The next two weeks had consisted of packing, finishing up my position at Audubon Area Community Services, and planning as much as I could. Sad to say, I’m quite disorganized, no matter how hard I try. On August 22nd, I walked out of Audubon as an employee, for the last time.

On Wednesday, August 27th, I picked my girl up from Nashville. She flew in to help me pack up my car, pets, and make the drive to Colorado! How can one not love this woman? She is so kind, wonderful, sweet, loving and devoted. Am I lucky? No, I can’t say that. I am BLESSED. God has provided so much, not just for me, but for both of us. Yes, He provided financial help, starting Christmas day when I had developed plumbing issues on my house. Yes, He provided more help when my mortgagor claimed I was $400 short on my escrow account (which was INCREDIBLY painful, financially). Yes, He provided a way to come out and visit with her. I couldn’t be more thankful. In the meantime, He provided her with a better job, with a better apartment. He provided her not only TWO raises, but an additional bonus at her new job. THAT is incredible. Finally, He provided me a way to be out here in Colorado Springs. He gave me a way to not only be here with her, but a way to help in the ministry. A veritable one-two stroke; two birds with one stone.

He, effectively told me, “Yes, you have given your all to be there with her. Now, I want you to give Me your all.” And I will. I have a lot of learning and growing to do, but I will.  After all that He has provided and cared for, how can I ignore Him? I can’t. She has been a Godsend, quite literally. Our history together is deep; she has been my best friend since college. Even when we were out of contact, she still knew me better than anyone else did, or does.

Yes, I thank God for everything I have. He has given me a lot, and now it’s time for me to try to give back in any way I can. I’m going to work as hard as I can to learn and further my work for Him. Yes, I’ve made a complete 180 degree turnaround, but I’m more than just thankful. I know I’m undeserving, but He blessed me with more than I could have imagined.

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I have a few naysayers around various parts of Kentucky that keep trying to put me down, and tell me that I’m not going to amount to anything. I’ve got some news for them. The last year, although it has been difficult due to a variety of things in my life, I have been quite successful in a lot of things. Point being: I’ve been doing concert photography for some internationally acclaimed and known bands. For example, last night. I photographed the English-based progressive rock outfit known as Yes. Want proof? Here you go: PROOF.

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The Reason Why I (Am Starting To) Hate People

Seriously? I just received this email today from a coworker, that operates a facility I have to travel to on occasion:

To: Joshua Campbell
CC: <Boss of Name Removed>
From: <Name Removed>

Subject: Re: Fwd: <location removed> Computer in <room location removed>

What is the status of this helpdesk? I have asked the status before and still nothing done. The education staff are required to enter information into two different program on the internet. Classroom I can not do this on a consistent basis due to their computer not working. They have gone to other computers in the building, but they should not have to continue to work out a time to do this. The last time I asked about the status of this being taken care of the answer was IT was waiting on something else for Christian County. In my opinion we have waited long enough, actually too long. When is this going to be taken care of?

<Name Removed>

I, very quickly, replied to my coworker with the following:

To: <Name Removed>
CC: <Boss of Name Removed>
From: Joshua Campbell

Subject:  Re: Fwd: <location removed> Computer in <room location removed>

<Name Removed>,

I previously emailed you in regards to this helpdesk ticket on August 28, 2012. Since that time, nothing else has changed. Yes, I do have a replacement computer prepared for deployment. I have had other priorities that I could not change. However, at the moment I cannot do anything in regards to the help desk ticket until I am back in <Location Removed>. When I return, I will be installing the replacement PC. I will let you know when I will be heading to <Location Removed>.

Joshua R. Campbell

After that reply, she shot back another message:

To: Joshua Campbell
CC: <Boss of Name Removed>
From: <Name Removed>

Subject: Re: Fwd: <location removed> Computer in <room location removed>

In other words same answer as last time. What would you do in IT if your computer did not work? You would get a replacement a lot quicker than 5-6 weeks later. This is very frustrating for my staff and for me. I understand that you can only come if your supervisor says you can, but it is so unfair to the staff in the field to not have what they need to fulfill their job. Have a blessed afternoon!!!

<Name Removed>

What I want to know is, WHY would you carbon copy your supervisor, instead of just directly email me? I know exactly why, it’s because this person is TRYING to get me into trouble. This is the 4th go-round with this person. I am seriously considering filing a grievance in regards of harassment. This is just disgusting behavior on my coworker’s part.

Now, I love my job. I work very hard at my job. The amount of time spent at my job is inordinate as of late. I cannot complain. Generally, the people I work with are a pleasure to talk to, to work with, and to be around. What more could a person want from a job? It’s a great job, full of great people, and all. So, it begs to question WHY would someone be this way with me? This coworker obviously doesn’t deserve the RESPECT I give to them, but I’m not a disrespectful person. Why should I be? Point being, treat me, and others with respect.

To be honest, that’s not the first thing this week to piss me off about people. Last night, I got a message from someone whom I had spent a lot of time with, at one point, aiming for a possible relationship with her. Earlier in the summer, it had soured, and I didn’t hardly talk to her since then, for various reasons. She started off the conversation rather pleasantly, compared to what it could have been, then went off the deep end. She started griping at me, essentially claiming that I talk to her close friends more than her. Of course, explaining the fact to her that I DO NOT sit at the computer all day long on Facebook, waiting for her to log on so I can message her, did no good. I rarely text many people anymore, and I’m on Facebook at random times and intervals. I guess she was upset that I was talking to some of our mutual friends, and not her. I don’t know, but it’s petty, immature, and irritating for someone to behave that way. So, I think I’m done with talking to her, whatsoever. Frankly, I think I’m done talking to a lot of people. Not worth my time and effort.

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Sir, We Have Movement

These last several weeks have been incredibly busy. A transition from my office at GRITS, to our central agency is finally under way. Now, I can actually start using my PROMOTION! As of last week, my replacement has been trained in the day-to-day activities that I had continued on with during my time at GRITS. Now that she has been trained, I can truly start focusing on our software upgrade. It’s been a very long process, but yes, it will be done in the next month or so. I’m incredibly excited that my first truly huge project is almost complete.

Many other things have been happening besides just work. I have finally, FINALLY, found a house. I’m about to start the process of purchasing it, and I need to speak to at least two or three more banks. Since I will be a first-time buyer, there are many loan programs available that I would like to learn about before I make my decision on who to go with. At least the search is over, and I know nobody else will buy it out from under me!

Another thing that has really been on my mind is one particular woman. I find her… just incredible. I can’t put words to it, honestly. I don’t know her relatively well, but I really would like to. It’s just odd how I met her, and how I’m getting to know her as a person, and I just lack the absolute ability to describe it. Maybe there’s a reason for all of this?

Anyway, it’s time for me to head to bed. Don’t want to be late on my first day at the (other) office!

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Movin’ On Up

Well, it seems the last few posts were about how interesting life can be, particularly when people try to bring you down. However, this post is NOT about that, and I will not make nary a mention of such herein.

For the last month, I have been incredibly excited. News I’ve withheld from the world (mostly) in the time frame was due to things not being set in stone. Now, I can announce it publicly. As of Friday, I no longer work for GRITS Transportation.

Shocking, isn’t it? It really wasn’t planned. Of course, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Why is he excited for no longer working for GRITS?” Well, here’s the reason. I’ve been given a lateral promotion (with incentive, of course), so now I will be working at our central office as an IT Support Specialist. I get to do a lot of traveling for the job, which will be a blast.

So yes, I’m incredibly happy. All those naysayers can keep hating on me. I don’t care. They aren’t worth my time, and I’m building things up for ME. Not for them, or anyone else. It’s my turn to be a little selfish. Of course, I still share things, too. 🙂

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So the last two or three weeks have been wonderful for me. I’ve been staying incredibly busy with work and all. I couldn’t enjoy my job more than I already do. I absolutely love it, no doubt about it.

Also, I have found my true friends. They’ve been there every step of the way, and it’s been a ton of fun so far. Just sitting with folks, bullshitting and having a good time, is a blast.

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Shine Like You Haven’t Before

What can I say, other that I have actually been enjoying things these last couple of weeks? It’s true. Things seem to be moving at a feverish pace, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Many people may have questions to ask me, but they will be answered in due time. Time’s a-wastin’, and I’m wasting no time on what I want to do.

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Hey Now – A Near Year-End Summary

I really don’t know what to say anymore. This year has had its up and downs, and it’s finally getting closer to it’s own closure. I’m just about always at a loss for words when it comes to writing this thing, so I’m just going to attempt putting my thoughts down on here, no matter how disjointed or cohesive they may be.

The year, started out as any other crappy year of the last decade (all of them). Working a dead-end job. Didn’t do anything for NYE, and definitely did not have any fun. Actually, I went to bed early, if I recall correctly. Auld Lang Syne be damned.

February, I believe, is when we were hit with a rather devastating ice storm. I’m not going to mention more about this since, IF anyone reads this, most likely they went through it as well. Oh, yeah. And before I forget, I got my cat, Pixie, on Valentines Day. The ONE day I despise most.

Sometime in March, I got extremely sick one Saturday evening. It FIRST started at Johnny Bs after supper. Chronic stomach pain, and a mad-dash for the restroom. Felt a bit better after that, but was still queasy for the remainder. Of course, it wasn’t over. Later in the evening at Bacchus, I had developed a major headache toward the lower back of my head, at the top of the neck. Not an hour after the headache started, I left early due to the excessive pain. After arriving home, I decided to lay in bed. Not 20 minutes after laying there, my body was becoming stiff and no longer limber, sore, and absolutely pained. Around 2:30 that night, I developed an extremely persistent and painful cough. All of this culminated on Monday when I finally started vomiting and completely unable to move, eat, or even rest. After doing some research, I had exhibited MANY signs of the H1N1 influenza virus. Obviously, I finally got better and got rid of that damned cough.

A few weeks after, me and my friend, Duane, decided head to Lexington for a night of partying and possible debauchery. Matt had JUST bought a house a few months ago, and he invited us to come up and party. That night was first of many visits, mostly due in part to a Finnish girl, and visiting my friends. Subsequently, I spent several weekends in Lexington to spend time with Matt, and Niina. Unfortunately for me and her, she had to return to her homeland in May, and hasn’t been back since.

Summertime was fun with the weekly Sunday outings to Windy Hollow to swim. It was a great time and all, except for the fact that it caused my sinus and inner ear infection that I couldn’t shake for almost 3 months. What started out as an assumed problem with a wisdom tooth or cavity was actually something I could consider FAR worse. I have NEVER ever been in that much pain. I can tolerate a lot of pain (such as being on fire, falling out of a moving truck at 50 mph, getting run over by a 4-wheeler, etc), but for my jaw to hurt so bad I am crying? That’s more pain than I’ve ever had in my life. I suffered throughout that pain for 3 months, and at first, Tylenol or aspirin would stop the pain. Eventually though, it became so bad that medicine wasn’t working, and I couldn’t even sleep, eat, or drink without hurting considerably.

Finally, in July, everything came crashing down. I got laid off from my job at Unilever. Sure, they refused to hire me, and I found out EXACTLY why, but I’m not legally at liberty to talk about it due to some of the information provided. I saw it, at first, as an opportunity. I set up everything so I could move in, temporarily, with Matt and the guys in Lexington, and attempt to find a job. After setting up several interviews, I continued to get turned down for jobs. Leading up to November, I finally thought I may have found a job. One problem, though. They REFUSED to hire me, because I was going to be in a wedding on one of their “training days”. W.T.F… They couldn’t just delay the training until AFTER the wedding? No, of course not. So I spent the next month leading up to the wedding, stressing out over going in to “interview” for the job which they told me I should get when I walk in. That was a fucked up situation.

In between July and November, I somehow managed to go to several concerts. I went to see Rev Theory and Shinedown in Louisville for free during the Kentucky State Fair. A short time later, I wound up going to Chicago to see Willie Nelson and Dave Matthews Band with Jeff, Katie, and some other awesome people. Just days later, I won a free ticket and VIP pass to see In Flames, Between the Buried and Me, 3 Inches of Blood and The Faceless. Got to meet In Flames, and got a bunch of shit signed. Twas awesome. Then a few weeks later, my roommate won free tickets to see Five Finger Death Punch, Shadows Fall, Otep and 2Cents at the same venue, and gave me one. That was a great show, too.

Now, back to November. The weekend of the wedding, I was stressing. Starting to run low on money, needing a job immediately, I had an interview the Friday before my friend’s wedding. Friday: Interview. Saturday: Wedding. Saturday night, me, Jeff and Drew went down to the Royce with our cameras and equipment to prepare for a big event the next morning. Owensboro, with TLC filming for a show, was imploding the Executive Inn on Sunday morning. After a few hours hanging out at the Royce, we finally went outside to set up our cameras and equipment. We took many shots in the final hours and moments of the Big E. The rest of the morning, after the implosion, included a trip to Windy Hollow Restaurant for breakfast and to look over the photos and filming we did.

That very next day, Monday, came a big surprise for me. It was, by far, the best day I’ve had in YEARS. I got called back, and offered the job! This is where I want to thank Nathan, Jeff, Drew, Katie, Courtney, Ross, Steve, Nick and everyone else that supported me! I finally got a job to use my degree and skills 2 years after graduation from Murray State University.

Speaking of graduation, yesterday happened to be the exact 2 year anniversary of my graduation from Murray State University.

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A Long Time

I haven’t written here in a while. Mostly, it’s because I’ve been very busy with getting things figured out, and attempting to find a job of some sort. Mentally, however, I am in utter shambles. I cannot figure out where to begin, and where to end. It just seems I’m being more detrimental to myself and others, than I am being helpful.

There have been some interesting things going on for me, to say the least. Several of them, I am highly unsure of. I need to speak with my “new client” and figure out if and when I’ll be flying out to New Jersey. Otherwise, I’m sure we can figure out something to where I can work on the website without traveling. It’s a complicated situation. This coming weekend, I intend to be taking a certain woman to dinner, and to see Saw VI, provided nothing changes in circumstances and my luck. That’s part of what is confusing me, I’m unsure what is going on. Or perhaps, I’m just overanxious and slightly paranoid about messing up, as I usually do. I can’t shake the feeling, and it leaves me curious as to why I have been unable to overcome such insecurities. It’s quite the burden.

I have still been exceedingly unable to get a job. It’s an excessive amount of pain and stress when you have been out of school for 2 years, and living on the empty promises from people of your past and present. Constantly being told “You’ll get a good job,” and not being able to back it up, after spending the time to study, practice, and perfect your knowledge has been draining, and destructive. Mostly, because of that, I never really did enjoy my college years, and now thoroughly regret EVERYTHING that I went through. I regret GOING to Murray, I regret working at Cracker Barrel. I also regret MANY things that I am rather unwilling to mention here. I acknowledge that I can’t change the past, but now I am stuck in a position where I cannot change my future without going through more pain, suffering, and regret. Is there ever ANY end to the pain and profuse metaphorical philandering of one’s life? Perhaps not.

They say home is where the heart is. Yet, I haven’t found my home, and I sure haven’t found my heart. I’m longing for something, craving it perhaps. I no longer know what it is, but am aware that it is sorrowful and painful to be withheld from it.

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I’m Not Going to Take It

I can’t put this any other way that I’m extremely pissed off at this point. This is ludicrous for it to happen. I’m sick and FUCKING tired of bullshit. Can I ever catch a break?

On the semi-bright side, I’m getting a lot of work done on my site.

It’s coming along nicely.

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