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The Reason Why I (Am Starting To) Hate People

Seriously? I just received this email today from a coworker, that operates a facility I have to travel to on occasion:

To: Joshua Campbell
CC: <Boss of Name Removed>
From: <Name Removed>

Subject: Re: Fwd: <location removed> Computer in <room location removed>

What is the status of this helpdesk? I have asked the status before and still nothing done. The education staff are required to enter information into two different program on the internet. Classroom I can not do this on a consistent basis due to their computer not working. They have gone to other computers in the building, but they should not have to continue to work out a time to do this. The last time I asked about the status of this being taken care of the answer was IT was waiting on something else for Christian County. In my opinion we have waited long enough, actually too long. When is this going to be taken care of?

<Name Removed>

I, very quickly, replied to my coworker with the following:

To: <Name Removed>
CC: <Boss of Name Removed>
From: Joshua Campbell

Subject:  Re: Fwd: <location removed> Computer in <room location removed>

<Name Removed>,

I previously emailed you in regards to this helpdesk ticket on August 28, 2012. Since that time, nothing else has changed. Yes, I do have a replacement computer prepared for deployment. I have had other priorities that I could not change. However, at the moment I cannot do anything in regards to the help desk ticket until I am back in <Location Removed>. When I return, I will be installing the replacement PC. I will let you know when I will be heading to <Location Removed>.

Joshua R. Campbell

After that reply, she shot back another message:

To: Joshua Campbell
CC: <Boss of Name Removed>
From: <Name Removed>

Subject: Re: Fwd: <location removed> Computer in <room location removed>

In other words same answer as last time. What would you do in IT if your computer did not work? You would get a replacement a lot quicker than 5-6 weeks later. This is very frustrating for my staff and for me. I understand that you can only come if your supervisor says you can, but it is so unfair to the staff in the field to not have what they need to fulfill their job. Have a blessed afternoon!!!

<Name Removed>

What I want to know is, WHY would you carbon copy your supervisor, instead of just directly email me? I know exactly why, it’s because this person is TRYING to get me into trouble. This is the 4th go-round with this person. I am seriously considering filing a grievance in regards of harassment. This is just disgusting behavior on my coworker’s part.

Now, I love my job. I work very hard at my job. The amount of time spent at my job is inordinate as of late. I cannot complain. Generally, the people I work with are a pleasure to talk to, to work with, and to be around. What more could a person want from a job? It’s a great job, full of great people, and all. So, it begs to question WHY would someone be this way with me? This coworker obviously doesn’t deserve the RESPECT I give to them, but I’m not a disrespectful person. Why should I be? Point being, treat me, and others with respect.

To be honest, that’s not the first thing this week to piss me off about people. Last night, I got a message from someone whom I had spent a lot of time with, at one point, aiming for a possible relationship with her. Earlier in the summer, it had soured, and I didn’t hardly talk to her since then, for various reasons. She started off the conversation rather pleasantly, compared to what it could have been, then went off the deep end. She started griping at me, essentially claiming that I talk to her close friends more than her. Of course, explaining the fact to her that I DO NOT sit at the computer all day long on Facebook, waiting for her to log on so I can message her, did no good. I rarely text many people anymore, and I’m on Facebook at random times and intervals. I guess she was upset that I was talking to some of our mutual friends, and not her. I don’t know, but it’s petty, immature, and irritating for someone to behave that way. So, I think I’m done with talking to her, whatsoever. Frankly, I think I’m done talking to a lot of people. Not worth my time and effort.

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How many lives, lost and destroyed, will it take before the school officials and authority figures in McLean County start to take the effects of bullying seriously? They are allowing these children to destroy others, and in some cases, ENCOURAGE IT. How should I know? How about the fact that as a child, I was constantly bullied? How about the fact that some teachers PARTICIPATED in it? However, whether it was a ‘willing’ participation, or perhaps ‘circumstantial’, I don’t know, but I do know that I was affected by bullying as a child.

Bullying has become a major problem over the years, especially with the widespread adoption of the Internet. Children have been given a new outlet to make others lives a nightmare. Sites such as has become an outlet. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and various social media have given them the ability to slander one’s name with their peers more easily, albeit not anonymously. These tools were originally created to connect people, and to spread news and information. With the good, comes the bad. It’s a fact of life.

So how could we go about fixing the problem of bullying? There are many ways that we really need to look at, and utilize them all at once to start creating a positive impact. For starters, parents should actually start doing the PARENTING that they should have been doing all along. Raise the children, teaching them that bullying is not only wrong, but it’s cruel and downright hateful. Schools need to start being more responsive in regards to bullying. I have heard, and experienced countless times, students going to a teacher or figure of authority to report bullying, be told that they will do something, and yet nothing ever happens. Misery just continues, nothing less.

Now it’s time for my to turn my attention to the ineptitude of McLean County schools and police officials. How can the SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT claim that they do not believe it was a case of BULLYING when the family found a NOTE WRITTEN BY SHAY?! I mean, really? You are literally given some of the most condemning and VERIFIABLE evidence, and you completely disregard it? This is a failure for the entire county. Is it not bad enough that drug use and production is at an all-time high (no pun intended) in McLean county, and yet, they can’t even use the most damning piece of evidence and open a case regarding bullying? I hate to say it, and stoop to this level of language, but it seems to be the most understood thing of all. FUCK YOU MCLEAN COUNTY OFFICIALS. You have done nothing but prove to me, and your entire populace, that you are a rotten, dirty, cruel and hateful county, and the only people who the officials care for are themselves and those that give them money.

Now I turn my attention to the school system. Is it not bad enough that you all ALLOWED HAZING TO HAPPEN LAST YEAR IN YOUR SCHOOL?! Is it not enough that it hurt the poor kid severely then, and yet, you all did next to nothing over it? You make me ASHAMED to call myself an alumni of McLean County High School. I am VERY ashamed. It’s disgusting. The hazing, and now this child’s SUICIDE does not bode well on you. There are signs teachers can be taught to recognize in students that are being victims of bullying. Signs such as the student becoming increasingly withdrawn in class. A student attempting to avoid another student, or shows a strong feeling of disdain toward another student or group of students. Even if the student is in proximity of the bully, you can notice it with both of them. The bully will focus efforts, and sometimes even attempt to be subtle, in how the bully will pick on their victim. The victim will attempt to avoid the bully, even by getting as far away as they can in a class. How can a teacher NOT notice these signs? Surely the student would have friends that would notify a teacher of a situation coming to a head. IF they were notified, why did they not act upon that information?

As you can see, this county is condemning itself. These words written here are not based on an opinion. They are based on fact. Sure, people will want to blame the parents, others would like to solely blame the school. I would like to lay the blame on ALL OF THE PARTIES INVOLVED. The parents should be doing their part, the schools should not be an enabler and allow this kind of thing to happen. Schools used to be a safe place… what happened to that?

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‘Round These Parts

Things have gotten more and more interesting around here as of lately. Word has spread that the Westboro Baptist Church will be in Owensboro this weekend, to picket Blessed Mother Catholic Church because of the poor soul who shot himself in front of the church several weeks ago. Such a sad story, and these sick people want to come and stand on their proverbial high-horse, and condemn others. These people would be better relegated to the back of our consciousness and thoughts. They do not deserve our full attention, or any attention, whatsoever.

Naturally, a few people took a short message I wrote about “gathering” a group for a counter-protest, wrongly. The entire message was meant to instigate thought and to instill value in the fact that ignorance is bliss. I was being quite sarcastic about it, and people obviously do not fully understand some sarcasm. I know a few people mistook it, mostly because they aren’t fully familiar with my sarcasm. It’s okay, though. I won’t hold it against them. I have no plans to counter-protest. It would be a complete waste of my time, and effort. You can’t reason with insane people.

In the wake of the WBC shenanigans that will be happening this weekend, I have been bombarded by texts and Facebook Statuses and Tweets regarding something that is 100% untrue. These people notified me that, supposedly, an American soldier was refused service at a gas station here in Owensboro. What these people failed to realize is that there is no facts to back up this purported refusal. It is simply not true. People need to quit taking people’s word at face value, and learn to do their research and find out for SURE. However, it’s sad that so many people are a lamb, being led to slaughter. It really shows just how gullible, or ignorant, people around here are.

After the rumors started going around, I noticed an incredible amount of racism being demonstrated against those of Arabic/Middle-Eastern descent. That is just purely sickening to me. These people went as far as calling them ‘sand n—ers’ and continually put them down. Is this how we really TREAT people around here, if they are different? It is shameful, sickening, and immoral. What happened to ‘morality’ when it comes to tolerance of those whom are different? Did it suddenly disappear off the face of the earth around here, or did their CHRISTIAN GOD make them better than Arabs/Muslims/etc? I’m sorry, but no, their god didn’t. People need to grow up, get over themselves, and learn to love others REGARDLESS. THEN they can truly say they are a follower of Christ. Until then, they need to get off their ‘The Power of Christ COMPELS YOU’ spiel.

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What can I say?

What was the point of my previous post? Apparently, I thought wrongly.

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

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Hey Now – A Near Year-End Summary

I really don’t know what to say anymore. This year has had its up and downs, and it’s finally getting closer to it’s own closure. I’m just about always at a loss for words when it comes to writing this thing, so I’m just going to attempt putting my thoughts down on here, no matter how disjointed or cohesive they may be.

The year, started out as any other crappy year of the last decade (all of them). Working a dead-end job. Didn’t do anything for NYE, and definitely did not have any fun. Actually, I went to bed early, if I recall correctly. Auld Lang Syne be damned.

February, I believe, is when we were hit with a rather devastating ice storm. I’m not going to mention more about this since, IF anyone reads this, most likely they went through it as well. Oh, yeah. And before I forget, I got my cat, Pixie, on Valentines Day. The ONE day I despise most.

Sometime in March, I got extremely sick one Saturday evening. It FIRST started at Johnny Bs after supper. Chronic stomach pain, and a mad-dash for the restroom. Felt a bit better after that, but was still queasy for the remainder. Of course, it wasn’t over. Later in the evening at Bacchus, I had developed a major headache toward the lower back of my head, at the top of the neck. Not an hour after the headache started, I left early due to the excessive pain. After arriving home, I decided to lay in bed. Not 20 minutes after laying there, my body was becoming stiff and no longer limber, sore, and absolutely pained. Around 2:30 that night, I developed an extremely persistent and painful cough. All of this culminated on Monday when I finally started vomiting and completely unable to move, eat, or even rest. After doing some research, I had exhibited MANY signs of the H1N1 influenza virus. Obviously, I finally got better and got rid of that damned cough.

A few weeks after, me and my friend, Duane, decided head to Lexington for a night of partying and possible debauchery. Matt had JUST bought a house a few months ago, and he invited us to come up and party. That night was first of many visits, mostly due in part to a Finnish girl, and visiting my friends. Subsequently, I spent several weekends in Lexington to spend time with Matt, and Niina. Unfortunately for me and her, she had to return to her homeland in May, and hasn’t been back since.

Summertime was fun with the weekly Sunday outings to Windy Hollow to swim. It was a great time and all, except for the fact that it caused my sinus and inner ear infection that I couldn’t shake for almost 3 months. What started out as an assumed problem with a wisdom tooth or cavity was actually something I could consider FAR worse. I have NEVER ever been in that much pain. I can tolerate a lot of pain (such as being on fire, falling out of a moving truck at 50 mph, getting run over by a 4-wheeler, etc), but for my jaw to hurt so bad I am crying? That’s more pain than I’ve ever had in my life. I suffered throughout that pain for 3 months, and at first, Tylenol or aspirin would stop the pain. Eventually though, it became so bad that medicine wasn’t working, and I couldn’t even sleep, eat, or drink without hurting considerably.

Finally, in July, everything came crashing down. I got laid off from my job at Unilever. Sure, they refused to hire me, and I found out EXACTLY why, but I’m not legally at liberty to talk about it due to some of the information provided. I saw it, at first, as an opportunity. I set up everything so I could move in, temporarily, with Matt and the guys in Lexington, and attempt to find a job. After setting up several interviews, I continued to get turned down for jobs. Leading up to November, I finally thought I may have found a job. One problem, though. They REFUSED to hire me, because I was going to be in a wedding on one of their “training days”. W.T.F… They couldn’t just delay the training until AFTER the wedding? No, of course not. So I spent the next month leading up to the wedding, stressing out over going in to “interview” for the job which they told me I should get when I walk in. That was a fucked up situation.

In between July and November, I somehow managed to go to several concerts. I went to see Rev Theory and Shinedown in Louisville for free during the Kentucky State Fair. A short time later, I wound up going to Chicago to see Willie Nelson and Dave Matthews Band with Jeff, Katie, and some other awesome people. Just days later, I won a free ticket and VIP pass to see In Flames, Between the Buried and Me, 3 Inches of Blood and The Faceless. Got to meet In Flames, and got a bunch of shit signed. Twas awesome. Then a few weeks later, my roommate won free tickets to see Five Finger Death Punch, Shadows Fall, Otep and 2Cents at the same venue, and gave me one. That was a great show, too.

Now, back to November. The weekend of the wedding, I was stressing. Starting to run low on money, needing a job immediately, I had an interview the Friday before my friend’s wedding. Friday: Interview. Saturday: Wedding. Saturday night, me, Jeff and Drew went down to the Royce with our cameras and equipment to prepare for a big event the next morning. Owensboro, with TLC filming for a show, was imploding the Executive Inn on Sunday morning. After a few hours hanging out at the Royce, we finally went outside to set up our cameras and equipment. We took many shots in the final hours and moments of the Big E. The rest of the morning, after the implosion, included a trip to Windy Hollow Restaurant for breakfast and to look over the photos and filming we did.

That very next day, Monday, came a big surprise for me. It was, by far, the best day I’ve had in YEARS. I got called back, and offered the job! This is where I want to thank Nathan, Jeff, Drew, Katie, Courtney, Ross, Steve, Nick and everyone else that supported me! I finally got a job to use my degree and skills 2 years after graduation from Murray State University.

Speaking of graduation, yesterday happened to be the exact 2 year anniversary of my graduation from Murray State University.

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I never really realized just how vain my family is. My brother is mad at me for no reason. Need I mention the fact that I should be the one pissed off. He still owes me money which I had readily forgiven, he’s dating/engaged to my ex. He has a child with my ex. So who should be the one pissed off? Me!

My mother is happily content with the world and all my family’s misdeeds and hatefullness. She even contends with my youngest brother’s verbal abuse toward her.

Nanu, she just bitches about anything she possibly can. One of my aunts gets depressed and aggravated over the pettiest shit. The other one… I love her, but I’m just not going to mention it.

This entire family is a cackle of lunatics who should just learn to let things go. Thanks to them, I am vengeful, pessimistic, overtly abused and all around becoming cold-hearted. Thanks family. I’ll be the worst of them before long.

I fucking hate holidays.

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SCAM/SPAM (How I’m Having Fun With It)

This morning, while checking the spam folder on my email account, I came across one of those good ol’ “Nigerian Lottery” scams. I figured I would post them for your enjoyment, my replies, and the scammer’s responses.



I have been waiting for your response to the above subject base on the delivery of your fund which have been pending for a long time now
without hearing from you.

However i am sending this email to you to enable you commence with immediate payment for you to get your fund as there is no more time
for delays.

Anyway prior to the notice about your fund delivery from Mrs Mariam, i am obliged to give you the information about your delivery and
where to make payment of $260usd for the delivery of your check to commence

You are to make the payment of $260usd for  the delivery to commence via WESTERN UNION/MONEYGRAM with these listed payment
details,So that the delivery can commence immediately.

Receiver Name: Mr JEFFREY OJOKU
Receiver Address: Plot 15, Oworonski Expressway Gbagada Industrial Estate Lagos.Nigeria.

You are to send the necessary payment details via e-mail to me so that we can confirm your payment which you made via Western Union or
MONEYGRAM and send to us this details below:

RECIEVERS COUNTRY—-Plot 15, Oworonski Expressway Gbagada Industrial Estate Lagos.Nigeria.

The payment would be used for your delivery airbill expenses.
Make sure you send to us the payment information which was given to you via WESTERN UNION AND GET BACK TO ME WITH THE PAYMENT



Kelvin Williams.

My reply:

I would love to make a payment. However, I require some scans of officiating or certifiable paperwork. Can you provide said paperwork?



I am Sending you this document in prior that you are going to proceed with the payment for the delivery of your funds to your address today.I have made arrangement as soon as your payment is received and confirmed by the reciever.Your parcel will leave for the destinated choosen courier selected by you.Your parcel has been concealed with the document’s.All i will send you is my badge and gate pass.I don’t actually do this but i just want to proof to you that i work for the law and i am a man of my words.

Send the money today and forward to me the payment information for easy pick up.

Mr Kelvin Williams.

Attached Images: [nggallery id=1]

My reply:

Thank you, but this is not proof enough. You must provide all necessary information including:

Deeds of property aforementioned
Copies of all financial details and transactions
Legal names and addresses of the recipients and those who are providing the service
Social Security Numbers if possible
Expected time frame which transaction shall be completed
All available telephone numbers

Transactions cannot be followed through without the confirming details mentioned above. Please get back with me on these.

J.J. Madoff



You already have my name and also my identity.

The Email was sent by Mrs. Mariam Wenthworth Former Director International Online Lottery Co-coordinator. © 2008 WORLD
COMPENSATION PROGRAMS®.She sent you the email because since the online lottery was played 2008  and you entered automatically by using the internet which you emerged a winner.She did not get to sucessfully get in touch with you until now.You are now requested to  the options of courier to get the funds to your delivery address.Document’s concealed along with your check are strictly confidential to the benenficial also the completion date will be 48 hours after payment has been confirmed by us.

You can call me or email me for enquires or verification on +234-803-798-3096 OR +234-805-070-0146.
Office address:Address: Plot 15, Oworonski Expressway Gbagada Industrial Estate Lagos.Nigeria.

That is all i can do for you.If not impressed you can reply to mrs Mariam Wenthworth declining your Claims.

Await your swift response.

Mr Kelvin Williams.

My Reply:


It seems to me that me and my lawyers cannot verify in any means of your correspondence with said Mrs. Mariam Wentworth. We have taken several avenues in the last hour to verify the existence of this supposed fund, and determine the real identity of yourself, and Mrs. Wentworth. However, we have come to the conclusion that this fund does not exist, and is a scam. If you were a special agent, you would not have directly identified yourself, as that would deem you a non-essential liability to the government of the United States, and could put you into unidentifiable danger. Also, both of your “identification cards” are crudely manipulated in image editing software, and the “picture” of you happens to be the same image, just flipped.

Another issue we have come across is your current location. Your given address and phone number is a location in Nigeria. If you have anything to do with this “lottery”, you would be located closer to Mrs. Wentworth, and you would NOT be a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. However, based on your poorly conceived ideas, you have committed a felony to the United States government. You are committing fraud, and you are impersonating a federal official. These crimes, if you are caught, come with a lengthy prison sentence.

So, at the behest, you NEED to come up with more proof of who you say you are.

J.J. Madoff

At the moment, I have not received any more email from this scammer. If I do, however, receive a reply, I will post it here as QUICKLY as possible. So, laugh along with me you all! I think this is hilarious!

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Acer Tech Support: FAIL

Ok, so some of you know I just ordered an Acer monitor off of eBay. The monitor is lacking a stand, but typically that’s a problem that is easy to solve. Well, Acer Tech Support apparently can’t help me very much. Here’s the “conversation” so far:

Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support
center. Below is a summary of your request and our response.

If this issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may reopen it
within the next 7 days.

Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.


Monitor Stand

Discussion Thread
Response (Santo JohnE) – 08/20/2009 05:56 PM
Dear Joshua Campbell,

Thank you for contacting Acer America. I’ll be happy to assist you…

After verifying your email I came to understand that you are facing issues with wrong stand.

Please contact local retail store for resolving this issue.

For further clarifications please feel free to visit our web site
Thank you for contacting Acer,
Have a great day!

Acer America
Online Technical Support

Customer (Joshua Campbell) – 08/20/2009 02:51 PM
Can I get any help with this? All I want to do is purchase a new stand for it. Is that so much to ask?

Customer (Joshua Campbell) – 08/20/2009 11:52 AM
I was given a link to call the Pre-Sales department. THis is not helping me. The link does not have ANY information for Pre-Sales. I Have even tried calling Technical Support, and I can’t get through anything. I HAVE NOT YET PURCHASED THIS MONITOR. I WANT TO FIND OUT IF I CAN GET A STAND FOR IT. THE MONITOR FOR PURCHASE DOES NOT HAVE A STAND.

Response (Dhinil UnniP) – 08/20/2009 12:18 AM
Dear Joshua Campbell,

Thank you for contacting Acer America. I’ll be happy to assist you.

Having reviewed your email, I understand that you are facing issue with Monitor stand.

Joshua, kindly follow the link given below and contact our pre sales department.

[link removed]

For further clarifications please feel free to visit our web site

Thank you for contacting Acer America,

Have a great day!

Acer America
Online Technical Support

Customer (Joshua Campbell) – 08/19/2009 08:39 PM
I am buying a monitor off of ebay, this particular model. It’s missing a stand. Is there any way I can order a replacement?

Umm… How did they not understand when I explicitly mentioned that it does NOT have a stand, and that I bought it from eBay and not a retail store? I know they have to somehow have spare stands. It’s not unheard of for a monitor stand to somehow break and need replacement. I know, I’ve seen it. I’m just sorely disappointed in such awful customer service.
The link for the information on Pre-Sales, had NO contact information, whatsoever. To top that off, I even attempted calling them. It didn’t do any good calling any of their numbers. I couldn’t get through the “serial number” part, and I couldn’t even get past the computer to an actual operator. It’s… sad.

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Spermboarding: Don’t Ask, Watch

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