Well, it seems the last few posts were about how interesting life can be, particularly when people try to bring you down. However, this post is NOT about that, and I will not make nary a mention of such herein.

For the last month, I have been incredibly excited. News I’ve withheld from the world (mostly) in the time frame was due to things not being set in stone. Now, I can announce it publicly. As of Friday, I no longer work for GRITS Transportation.

Shocking, isn’t it? It really wasn’t planned. Of course, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Why is he excited for no longer working for GRITS?” Well, here’s the reason. I’ve been given a lateral promotion (with incentive, of course), so now I will be working at our central office as an IT Support Specialist. I get to do a lot of traveling for the job, which will be a blast.

So yes, I’m incredibly happy. All those naysayers can keep hating on me. I don’t care. They aren’t worth my time, and I’m building things up for ME. Not for them, or anyone else. It’s my turn to be a little selfish. Of course, I still share things, too. 🙂