Hello there. I’m Josh. I’m the ¬†guy that operates this site. And, well, I own it as well.

Anyway, on with the show. To put it simply, I’m a huge geek. Computers, phones, random electronics, you name it. My focus on technology is incomparable. Photography, music, and many other hobbies tend to hold my time, while applying technology to it.

J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis are two of my absolute favorite authors. The genius of these two men, the messages in their works, and the fact that they were close friends strongly resonates with me. Also, my reading material isn’t just limited to them, but I do return to their works quite often. Stephen King, Stieg Larsson, Anne Rice, Laura Hillenbrand, Isaac Asimov, Phillip K. Dick, Lloyd C. Douglas, and many others top my reading list.

Within the last few years or so, I have become EXTREMELY passionate about photography. After a chance meeting with a music fan and photographer, the opportunity to photography concerts, festivals and musicians had been presented to me. What an incredible opportunity it has been! I have been incredibly fortunate to photograph legends in a variety of genres. Legends such as: Johnny Winter; Yes; Styx; In Flames; and Machine Head.

It’s painfully obvious what my other passion is. Music is my life-blood. I wouldn’t survive without it. I’m weird about my music as well. I have a huge collection, but most of the music on the radio nowadays is more disappointing to me than anything. Musically, I can bounce back and forth from Mozart to Garth Brooks to In Flames to Nine Inch Nails, and anything in between.

For those whom know me, and may have stumbled upon this site, please take note. This site consists of my personal ramblings and thoughts. Yes, I may speak of people whom I don’t agree with, but it’s my right. I will not be slandering anyone on my site, but I will certainly be criticizing a variety of things, especially if someone’s behavior toward me is appalling. Anything posted here will typically have the offender’s names, contacts, and any other identifying information removed, in respect to their privacy.

Yes, I’m very opinionated. If you don’t like it, leave my site. I’m easy to get along with, but I don’t tolerate hateful actions, or disrespect. Otherwise, welcome to the site! I hope my ramblings can be enjoyable for you!

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