Nikki Sixx, a prominent member of Motley Crue, is also well known for his intense, and once deadly, drug addiction. Throughout his time on heroin and other illegal substances, he kept diaries which he eventually turned into a book. Sixx AM, a new band led by Nikki Sixx, produced an album as a soundtrack for the book.

SIXX A.M. - The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack

It opens up with a very surreal Christmas charm, with a spoken-word dialogue called “X-Mas in Hell”. Slowly, it segues into a pounding Christmas-like carol that is creepy and depressing all its own. The song sets the interesting and diverse tone the album follows. “Life Is Beautiful”, the breakout single from the album proves to be a melodic and uplifting song. Another album standout would be “Permission”. Lyrically, it’s asking for someone (or a drug’s) permission to live freely and free of pain.

The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack is an album that will stand out over time. The powerful lyrics, the incredible melody that is strewn across it is unmistakable. Do yourself a favor and LISTEN TO IT!