Alice in Chains has always been known for going against the grain, so to speak. So, in 1994, when they released the Jar of Flies EP, it was far different from their previous work. The hallowing and spooky “I Stay Away” is mostly acoustic with Jerry Cantrell’s electric guitar-work pushed back into the mix with the acoustics. A small touch of fuzz-box to the mix gives it a distinctly chilling feel.

Alice in Chains – Jar of Flies

“No Excuses” is a slightly upbeat song. Granted, it’s a rather lyrically abstract song, but it can be construed to be about someone that is important to Layne Staley. “Nutshell” is a lament about how he is all alone, fighting his way through life. The song is very heartbreaking, yet beautiful.

Granted, Jar of Flies is technically an Extended Play, it makes for one of the many albums you should listen to!