It’s always easier said than done, when one must say goodbye. Tomorrow, I will be doing just that. Tomorrow, a friend whom I wish I knew better, yet knew better than I thought, will be in front of me, for the last time. Matthew Adkins passed away Saturday, July 16, 2011. He was the friend who was there for you when you needed someone to speak to, always knowing just what to say.

To say that he fought a long, hard battle to recovery would be a gross understatement. These last few months had not only been miserable to him, but they were the hardest of his life. Constantly going in and out of the hospital, with no recovery actually in site. The man struggled to stay on his feet, and his health was not one to improve. My heart breaks that he fought as long as he did, and suffered so much. The months were not kind to him. His truck was totaled not too long ago, and he loved that truck.

Suffice to say, it is a sad relief to know that he is no longer suffering. Sad as it may be that he didn’t make it through, he did live a good life and his attitude and friendliness showed that. He touched everyone’s mind and soul. Never would you have met a man so outgoing, friendly, and such a fan of Star Trek and Transformers! Strong hearted, and strong willed, his soul seemed nearly unbreakable, and his love for others, untarnished. You could ask him ANYTHING about Pearl Jam, and he could tell you the right answer without hardly a thought.

Strong, kind, caring, intelligent, hilarious, loving, and giving. There are thousands of words that could describe Matty, and we wouldn’t even get the TIP of that iceberg. He’ll always live on in our hearts, mind and soul. I believe that this song is fitting, and I’m sure Matt would approve: